Flowell - Stainless Steel - High Nickel Alloys

Standard production

Thanks to our machinery park, but, above all, thanks to our skilled staff, we can produce a large number of parts that comply with the different current standards. 

Where we bring a clear added value is in our ability to produce in large series, but also to manufacture the urgent and essential part in very short time-frames.

Choosing and selecting our raw materials is one of the keys to our production. Whether out of bar, out of pipe or from blank, we endeavor to manufacture and deliver high quality parts. 

In practice

Production out of bar

All types of outlets - weldoutlet, sockoutlet, threadoutlet, elboutlet, - in all dimensions can be manufactured out of bars.
We can also machine out of bar all concentric-shaped  3000# fittings.
Finally, and as required by the Codes, we can also machine out of bar all concentric-shaped buttweld fittings - caps, stub ends, concentric reductions - up to an outer diameter of 4".

Production hors tube

With a hydraulic press and a heat treatment furnace, we can manufacture concentric or excentric reductions and swaged nipples, up to an outer diameter of 6".

Production from blank

With a few machining steps, we can turn our stock of forged blanks -  tees, elbows and flanges  - into parts ready for use.
So, one same part can be machined so as to meet the needs: finish buttweld, socketweld or threaded.