Flowell - Stainless Steel - High Nickel Alloys

Cutting, drilling, threading

Lathes, drills, milling machines, saws ... FloWell has the infrastructure and the machines required for all traditional machining and transformation operations. Cutting, drilling, threading, milling, the list is far from being exhaustive.

So, besides manufacturing standard parts or customized parts, we can, on request and in compliance with your specifications,  perform all machining or finish operations of a fitting, a bar, a pipe, or a flange.

In Practice

Pipe Nipples

With our stock of pipes in many dimensions, we can deliver any type of pipe nipples within a very short time-frame:

  • Any diameter : from 1/8" to 24"
  • Any thickness : a standard schedule or a specific thickness 
  • Any length : from a few centimeters to the common length 
  • Any finish : plain, chamfered or threaded end

Cutting to length

Both for pipes and bars, we deliver parts cut to the requested length. Whether it is for a specific use, or to make transportation easier, we adapt to your needs.

Another example of transformation possibility: on request, we can cut for you a standard elbow to the specific angle requested.


Drilling to dimension in a flange, milling a forged part, cutting a fitting on the length ... It is impossible to draw up a complete list of all the machining operations that we have performed already or could perform. 

Do get in touch with us so that we can discuss together what your specific need is.