Flowell - Stainless Steel - High Nickel Alloys

Chamfering and Stripping

Chamferingand stripping back are machining operations FloWell can also carry out.

So, to prepare the material for welding, we can make a  standard or customized chamfer.

As for stripping back, the goal is to reduce the thickness of the part, flange or pipe, and so, increase the inside diameter.

In Practice

Stripping back

Changing the thickness of a flange or a fitting, here is an operation that may seem trivial. Yet, it gives much flexibility.

So, in a few hours, from a standard part, we can make a customized part that perfectly meets your requirements.


Most tubes are delivered with plain ends. But if necessary, we can deliver them with a standard or non-standard chamfer.

Chamfering to measure the edges to be welded of a fitting or a flange is another operation that we perform in our workshops.